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Time now for a test

Just test and you can get the evidence of the effects of life energy and its transfer at any distance.

Direct evidence is worth more than a thousand words.
This test certainly will help you understand better the scientific theories that I am describing on these web sites.

As I have pointed out several times, a structural connection - or a structural link - is needed for this type energy transfer.  You will be amazed at just how simple such a structural connection is. 

You proceed as follows:

transfer(1) Download the life energy transfer card and print it out.

(2) e-mail or call one of our distributors.  He or she will tell you specifics such as name, number and expiration date that you enter into your life energy transfer card.

(3) The distributor will enter the same data in one of his or her cards and put this card onto one of the life energy generators.

(4) As soon as you have written the same data onto your printed card, you have established a connection with this specific life energy generator. 

transfer(5) Now is the time to check for energy transfer:  You do so by holding the center of the palm of either hand about 2 - 3 inches above the life energy transfer card.  Be sure the hand is relaxed.  Stretched-out fingers interfere.  Most people feel the energy almost immediately, either as a gentle warmth or as a cool breeze.  good way of testing is to get a chi-card setup.

Nerve endings are stimulated of the group of nerves that are most used. Most people feel gentle warmth, while highly kinetic people who have more than average dexterity feel the cool breeze. Some feel combos or tingling, and less than 5% feel nothing.  Often because they stretch the hand and the stretch can block the feeling or override it. You can also test with your wrist – and most persons feel a cool breeze there.

Your next step is the test with drinking water. Take a glass cup of good water, ideally room temperature, since ice cold water has a tendency to cause the taste buds being less sensitive. Take a sip of the water and then put the glass or cup onto the life energy transfer card for about one minute. Then taste again, and this can well be one of the big surprises in your life.

transferIf you have a water fountain in your office or home, take a copy of the life energy transfer card and slide it between bottle and base – then leave it there for about 1 hour.  The whole bottle will be super charged with life energy, plus all negative information will be removed, which causes a significant change in taste, as you have already experienced with the water that you tasted in the cup or glass.

A simple AO 2000 or CE 69 can provide your water fountain continuously with delicious optimized water that is supercharged with life energy.
Use this energized water for plants and give it to pets.
When using it for sprouting, you will have faster growth of the sprouts, and naturally they taste a lot better.

Next, you can use your life energy transfer card to provide yourself with energy, with lots of energy.  Simply carry the card with you, put it into a billfold or anywhere else on your body, and within 20-30 minutes you will be fully super charged with life energy, and most people feel this super-charge.  They project a lot more energy, they feel more alert and consequently they can perform much better in anything they are doing.

If you are involved in sports or fitness training, you certainly will notice this powerful burst of energy.  The life energy transfer card acts like an energetic steroid.  Most importantly, this type energy boost is perfectly legal, plus it defies detection.

There are many more ways to use the life energy transfer card during the test period.  Read or view instructions in the manual that you find online and you certainly will be surprised.


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