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The scientific approach to life energy:
Franz Anton Mesmer

More recent scientific approaches to the technology life energy evolved some 200 years ago:  among the most important people before my invention of the generator of life energy were Franz Anton Mesmer, Karl von Reichenbach and later Wilhelm Reich

The first person in Western civilization of whom we know that he took a serious scientific approach to the well-known phenomena and technologies of life energy was Franz Anton Mesmer.  He called life energy “animal magnetism,” because he recognized correctly that he had to do with the same energy that makes human and animal life possible.  He also noticed some connection between life energy and magnetism.  Franz Anton Mesmer developed technologies, which were based on his insights about life energy. 

Well-known are his oaken barrels that he filled with iron filings.  These barrels, in fact, were the first accumulators of life energy of which we know.  Like the orgone accumulators that Wilhelm Reich built some 150 years after Mesmer, these barrels drew life energy from the surroundings.  His patients sat around these oaken barrels holding in their hands the ends of metal rods, the other ends of which were submerged into the iron filings inside the barrels.  This way his patients drew the energy from this life energy accumulator into their bodies.  Most people relaxed, some fell into a trance, and a few had convulsions as their reaction to the influx of life energy.  These latter reactions were widely published, of course. 

Another method that Mesmer derived from his knowledge of life energy was his technique of “magnetizing the body of a person.”  This magnetizing consisted of moving the hands a couple of inches above the body of a person.  Mesmer thought that the “magnetiseur” – the magnetizer - transferred some of his own life energy to the person whom he or she treated.  Typically, many people who were treated this way entered a hypnotic trance.  They got stronger energetically and many of them got healed.  This happened as a result of them naturally relaxing while treated, and this effect was the reason why Mesmer is considered to be one of the pioneers of hypnosis still in our times.  Nowadays there are well over 20,000 alternative healers in France, who are using Mesmer’s methods.  As I mentioned before, Mesmer called the energy that he discovered – or re-discovered for his purposes, “animal magnetism,” and in our days it is called “personal magnetism” by the healers who are using Mesmer’s methods of “magnetizing” the body of the patients.  When I analyzed Mesmer’s method of “magnetizing” another person, based on my own knowledge about life energy, I became aware that with this method life energy was not transferred, it was actually generated, and I had this insight almost immediately after my invention of the generator of life energy back in 1991. 

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