The Inventions of the Chi Generator® and of Orgonite®
by Karl Hans Welz
led to a Revolution of Life Energy Technologies for Body and Mind

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Life Energy Action at a Distance is possible

Yes, again I want to make it crystal clear:  By now we know that a scientific approach to life energy is possible.  In fact, such an approach is needed if we want the scope of life energy technologies to expand.  In addition to such new and path-breaking technologies, there is a very beneficial influence of life energy science upon other, already existing sciences.  Quite early in my research it became clear that what we call “matter” and other physical phenomena, macrocosmic all the way to sub-atomic, can be explained much better with the inclusion of life energy science.  This holds true especially when starting to explain some paradoxa in sub atomic physics, which become less “paradox” when life energy is part of the theory and its laws are considered.

Likewise, by now things that may have been considered “alternative” by many folks in the past, can be explained now easily based on the natural laws that we observed and formulated as a result of our experiences and experiments with life energy. 

Of course there are quite a few vested interests, many of them based in universities, which are rejecting such heretic ideas, while religious organizations show a lot more tolerance. 

This is a situation not unlike the one that happened in the past when all of a sudden there was proof that the Earth was not the center of all that there is.  The pope in fact accepted these ideas at first, until scientists of the universities who taught otherwise all along convinced the church to take a tough stand against Galilei’s scientific heresy.

As I pointed out earlier, there is a set of mythologies still in our times, which is based on official science and which, too, makes claims that are totally unproven, and on such claims and their perpetuation hinge the salaries, grants and social standing of huge masses of official scientists.  Typically, innovation there happens when the older generation dies off or retires.

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